Any company doing business in the state of Maryland should have a registration number for that trade name in the State of Maryland. There are reputable locksmiths who have had their names used without their permission and you need to be careful in deciding who to do business with. The absolute most important attribute any locksmith should have is honesty and we are proud to provide any and all credentials proving that we own legitimately the trade names we use in the State of Maryland. Any technician working with Allied Locksmiths has a clean criminal record and also carries credentials proving competence in the locksmith trade which the majority of our competitors will not be able to prove they have. If you have contacted a company recently and you are not absolutely sure who you called, then be advised that while we proudly display our credentials in an effort to assure you that we are locally owned and operated, we are also victims of one company in particular, identifying the parent company as USA Locksmith. If you have done business with a company that fails to provide a means by which you can resolve a complaint we urge you to contact the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau immediately. Please understand that the problem of phony names associated with phony addresses makes them seem local, when in fact they are only proving that they are dishonest. While our company does use trade names associated with a given area that we service, we have never used addresses that obviously have no locksmith shop. This affects all legitimate locksmith companies because an honest company whould never use an unsuspecting citizen's address to make themselves look more credible on a google map. USA Locksmith has done more harm to us than any individual consumer, as they will use anyone's name without their permission, and with impunity. There are companies listing hundreds of names in the 411 directory and in print advertising that are disreputable and harming consumers. If there is damage to any of your properties from having called USA - Locksmith , we will assist you in repairing their damage and can use that to seek damages against them in civil court. In the meantime, you need to be fully aware that google just does not return relevant search results like it used to, and unfortunately, when this whole matter was brought to their attention, just like our state legislators, they felt there was no harm being done. If YOU have been harmed, you need to let your state legislators know so we can get locksmith legislation passed in the State of Maryland. Most citizens assume there are safeguards in place to protect them from unscrupulous companies that advertise as locksmiths (many can't even pick a lock and insist on drilling it to make your lockout cost way more than necessary). Feel free to contact us to get on our list of people who have been harmed by USA Locksmith.