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Stevensville Locksmith has been providing timely, professional locksmith services in the the Stevensville area for more than 18 years. We provide emergency locksmith services in Stevensville and surrounding areas, as well as scheduled locksmith services. We provide commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services as well as automotive locksmith services. We replace lost or stolen keys, rekey locks, install locks, change locks and provide damage free safe openings. We cut keys on site at your location or at any of our storefront locations. High security and electronic access control systems are our specialty. Stevensville Locksmith also cuts laser type high security automotive keys and programs automotive transponder keys as well. Stevensville Locksmith is a member of the Allied Locksmiths of Maryland, an A+ Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau

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For emergency locksmith service in the Stevensville area, call (410) 643-5220 for timely, professional service. Our emergency locksmith services are scheduled on a first call, first served basis in Stevensville. We schedule your call for emergency locksmith services in Stevensville as a priority before scheduled locksmith service, and are happy to quote exactly what you should expect to pay for emergency locksmith services any time of day or night. We can open nearly any type of lock without any damage to the lock whatsoever. Your call will be answered by a technician with many years of locksmith experience who has knowledge in many different types of locking systems, including high security locks and electronic locks.

Some Interesting Stevensville Tidbits

Stevensville, Maryland is located in Queen Anne's County. Stevensville had a population of 6,803 people, according to the census that was taken in 2010. This population represents a 15.70% increase in the population of Stevensville since the year 2000.

Stevensville is located on Kent Island which was the home of one of the earliest permanent colonies of England on the continent of North American. Although many people believe that the 1634 colony of Lord Baltimore at the city of St. Mary was the first permanent settlement in the state, this is incorrect. Serving as the secretary of state for the Virginia Colony, William Claiborne claimed Stevensville for Virginia, and this might be part of the reason for the misconception. In 1634, when the Dove and the Ark delivered the first settlers to the city of St. Mary's, the community that Mr. Claiborne started was already firmly established on Kent Island.

Tobacco and corn were the two primary crops that were grown in the area. Furs and harvested tobacco was received by Mr. Claiborne by trading with the Wicomesses, Susquehannock, and Matapeake Wicomesses Indian tribes, and were subsequently exported to England. To grind the corn, two tall windmills were used. A shipyard was built in order to build a fleet of naval vessels in 1634. The Long Tayle, which was a pinnace capable of transporting two cannons and 20 men, is considered to be the first vessel of European styling that was ever built in the state.

The brother of Lord Baltimore named Leonard Calvert came to the Chesapeake Bay in 1634 with two vessels named the Dove and the Ark to transport settlers in order to establish a colony in Maryland. The first meeting between the naval forces of William Claiborne and Lord Baltimore established the setting for many years of fighting in the region. Lord Baltimore wouldn't allow Kent Island to be a part of Virginia and Mr. Claiborne wouldn't acknowledge Lord Baltimore as his overlord.

Leonard Calvert became governor, who commanded a force of armed residents of Maryland, in an attempt to capture the rights of the region, made a surprise landing in the area in 1638. Although the area that William Claiborne had laid claim to was their primary target, he happened to be in England at the time. The men under Leonard Calvert overtook the fort, Stevensville, and Kent Island and was declared part of St. Mary's County and named Kent Hundred. During the next 20 years, Stevensville was turned over many different times between Maryland and Virginia. England finally returned Kent Island as well as Stevensville to Lord Baltimore and the community became a part of Maryland after an agreement was signed in London in 1658. However, it wasn't until 1706 that Stevensville became a part of Queen Anne's County.

William Claiborne came back to Virginia and his last public act was to ask for the return of Kent Island on the Chesapeake with a petition to Charles II. William Claiborne died at the age of 77 in West point around 1677.

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