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Severna Park Locksmith has been providing timely, professional locksmith services in the the Severna Park area for more than 18 years. We provide emergency locksmith services in Severna Park and surrounding areas, as well as scheduled locksmith services. We provide commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services as well as automotive locksmith services. We replace lost or stolen keys, rekey locks, install locks, change locks and provide damage free safe openings. We cut keys on site at your location or at any of our storefront locations. High security and electronic access control systems are our specialty. Severna Park Locksmith also cuts laser type high security automotive keys and programs automotive transponder keys as well. Severna Park Locksmith is a member of the Allied Locksmiths of Maryland, an A+ Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau

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For emergency locksmith service in the Severna Park area, call (410) 647-8615 for timely, professional service. Our emergency locksmith services are scheduled on a first call, first served basis in Severna Park. We schedule your call for emergency locksmith services in Severna Park as a priority before scheduled locksmith service, and are happy to quote exactly what you should expect to pay for emergency locksmith services any time of day or night. We can open nearly any type of lock without any damage to the lock whatsoever. Your call will be answered by a technician with many years of locksmith experience who has knowledge in many different types of locking systems, including high security locks and electronic locks.

Some Interesting Severna Park Tidbits

Severna Park, Maryland is located in Anne Arundel County. Severna Park had a population of 37,634 people, according to the census that was taken in 2010. This population represents a 32.00% increase in the population of Severna Park since the year 2000.

Human life has possibly been in this region as long as 10,000 years ago, based on the discovery of arrowheads in this region. This number is uncertain, but what is known is that there was an abundance of wildlife and fish in the region before modern development. During the 1930's, a person could collect several crabs from the Severn River quicker than the person's mother pick the same number of tomatoes.

On 1649, the first colonists arrived in the region from Nansemond, Virginia via the Severn River. Originally, the river was named Ann Arundel. However, a major river in England named Severn became the river's namesake. The lands next to the Severn River were left for the Susquehannock tribe of Indians when the Puritans settled Providence, or what is currently known as Annapolis.

During this time, the area was open and there were a considerable number of well-spaced, large trees. The region was a wilderness where there were probable encounters with mountain lions, black bears, and deer. A horse drawn buggy could navigate the Native Indian trails but Puritans traveled by water since it was believed to be easier and safer.

In 1670, a major milestone in the region occurred. The Lord Proprietor divided what is currently known as Severna Park into five land grants. A man named Christopher Randall bought one of these land grants that consisted of 102 acres and called it Randall's Purchase in 1680.

A man named John Earshaw bought the land grant from Mr. Randall in 1721. Almost immediately thereafter, a man named John Worthington bought the land grant from Mr. Earshaw. Mr. Worthington built a brick farmhouse, which is still standing, in 1758. A man named Scott Jay bought and completely restored the old farmhouse between the years of 1985 and 2001.

A man named George Linstid divided Randall's Purchase into three 91.5 acre properties and gave these properties to his three children. Georgie Linstid and Elizabeth Boone received two of the properties which became Olde Severna Park while John Linstid III received the remaining property that had the farmhouse which became known as Linstead.

Among the descendants of the Boones and the Linstids, there was a dispute about the ownership of the now vacant farmhouse. The Riggs Brothers purchased the farmhouse at auction. The Riggs Brothers used the farmhouse for entertaining at upper class events.

It is believed that the name Severna Park originated contest that was held by a man named Oscar Hatton during the period when community was first being established in 1906. .

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