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Glen Burnie Locksmith has been providing timely, professional locksmith services in the the Glen Burnie area for more than 18 years. We provide emergency locksmith services in Glen Burnie and surrounding areas, as well as scheduled locksmith services. We provide commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services as well as automotive locksmith services. We replace lost or stolen keys, rekey locks, install locks, change locks and provide damage free safe openings. We cut keys on site at your location or at any of our storefront locations. High security and electronic access control systems are our specialty. Glen Burnie Locksmith also cuts laser type high security automotive keys and programs automotive transponder keys as well. Glen Burnie Locksmith is a member of the Allied Locksmiths of Maryland, an A+ Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau

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For emergency locksmith service in the Glen Burnie area, call (410) 761-5120 for timely, professional service. Our emergency locksmith services are scheduled on a first call, first served basis in Glen Burnie. We schedule your call for emergency locksmith services in Glen Burnie as a priority before scheduled locksmith service, and are happy to quote exactly what you should expect to pay for emergency locksmith services any time of day or night. We can open nearly any type of lock without any damage to the lock whatsoever. Your call will be answered by a technician with many years of locksmith experience who has knowledge in many different types of locking systems, including high security locks and electronic locks.

Some Interesting Glen Burnie Tidbits

Glen Burnie, Maryland is located in Anne Arundel County. According to the census that was taken in the year 2010, the population of Glen Burnie was 67,639 people. This population represents a 73.80% increase in the population of Glen Burnie since the year 2000.

In 1812, when a man named Elias Glenn, who was a district attorney for the county seat close to the present day Brooklyn Park, arrived in the region, the stage was set for the community of Glen Burnie. Mr. Glenn called his land Glenburnie. The land was renamed Glennsbourne and, after some time, renamed Glenbernie while the land was being passed through the descendants of Mr. Glenn. The property called Myrtle and Tracey's Station after the local postmaster named Samuel Sewell Tracey and one of the boarders of Mr. Tracey prior to a final determination about a name was being made.

The grandson of Elias Glenn named William Wilkins Glenn incorporated the Curtis Creek Manufacturing and Furnace Company into the property owned by his family in 1854. Up until the 19th century, the business was flourishing and with his thriving business came many thousands of acres of property that was located in northernmost Anne Arundel County.

When William Wilkins Glenn died, his nephew, brother, and son started managing the business affairs of the family. In 1888, Glenburnie became a formal subdivision of the state. Two men named Henry Mancha and George Melvin were contracted by the Glenn family to lie out and promote the small community. The postmaster named Louis De Alba determined that Glen Burnie was a better name than Glenbernie and the community was renamed in 1930.

In 1899, the First Avenue Elementary school was built, which was one of the first schools in Glen Burnie. In 1904, St. Alban's Episcopal Church was built, which is the oldest church in the region that had many of its bricks that dated back to an early parish in Maryland from the 1730's named Marley Chapel. The namesake of one of the main thoroughfares in Glen Burnie is State Senator Robert Crain, which was named Crain Highway and opened in 1927 and in 1939, the namesake of ex-Governor Albert Ritchie, which was named Ritchie Highway, otherwise known as Maryland Route 2 opened. Up until the 1980's when Interstate 97 opened, Ritchie Highway carried almost all of Baltimore area traffic headed for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and Annapolis.

The Annapolis and Baltimore Railroad provided both freight and passenger service between Baltimore and Annapolis until 1950 when the service was stopped as a result of increased competition from private automobiles and buses. However, up until the time when Hurricane Agnes struck and did considerable damage to the trestle that crossed the Sever River in the late 1960's and the Army Corps of Engineers condemned the trestle for use by railroads, freight service continued. Until it was dismantled, the trestle was used considerably by crabbers and fishermen. The Annapolis and Baltimore Railroad line between Annapolis and was Baltimore is also defunct. North Glen Burnie is currently being by the Light Rail system of Baltimore ant the Glen Burnie/Cromwell station.

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