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Church Hill Locksmith has been providing timely, professional locksmith services in the the Church Hill area for more than 18 years. We provide emergency locksmith services in Church Hill and surrounding areas, as well as scheduled locksmith services. We provide commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services as well as automotive locksmith services. We replace lost or stolen keys, rekey locks, install locks, change locks and provide damage free safe openings. We cut keys on site at your location or at any of our storefront locations. High security and electronic access control systems are our specialty. Church Hill Locksmith also cuts laser type high security automotive keys and programs automotive transponder keys as well. Church Hill Locksmith is a member of the Allied Locksmiths of Maryland, an A+ Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau

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For emergency locksmith service in the Church Hill area, call (410) 556-6250 for timely, professional service. Our emergency locksmith services are scheduled on a first call, first served basis in Church Hill. We schedule your call for emergency locksmith services in Church Hill as a priority before scheduled locksmith service, and are happy to quote exactly what you should expect to pay for emergency locksmith services any time of day or night. We can open nearly any type of lock without any damage to the lock whatsoever. Your call will be answered by a technician with many years of locksmith experience who has knowledge in many different types of locking systems, including high security locks and electronic locks.

Some Interesting Church Hill Tidbits

Church Hill, Maryland is located in Queen Anne's County. The population of Church Hill was 747 people according to the census that was taken in the year 2011. This population represents a 40.90% increase in the population of Church Hill since the year 2000.

The community of Church Hill is a small, quaint village that dates as far back as the days of colonial times. Since those days of the colonial period, this small community has been a friendly, quiet community situated in the beautiful farming countryside. It is believed that the small community was probably named after the historic St. Luke's Episcopal Church, built is 1732, that is located on a hill that overlooks the downtown area of the community.

Although the year 1876 saw the incorporation of Church Hill, the community started to be formed during the late 1600's. At that time, there were a considerable number of businesses located in the small community such as a physician's office, butcher shop, a shoemaker shop and many others. However, the rest of the civilized world seemed to pass this small community by, and, of course, the Civil War did a considerable amount of economic damage. These days, there are only a few businesses remaining in Church Hill and the community is considered a bedroom community.

The history of the community can be told by in its buildings. When the original building was constructed back in 1698, the Mill was also called Collins Mill. This mill is the location of one of the first water mills that has been documented on the central Eastern Shore. Until it stopped operation during WW II, this mill played a significant role in the agricultural economy of the nation. Legend has it that that after their transportation from England, the bricks used to build St. Luke's Church were unloaded close to the mil. The Mill Residence, which was built in 1765, is likely the oldest standing building in the community and was originally part of the Mill property. During the early part of the 19th century, a former private residence, butcher shop, and store became the Town Hall. In 1916, a High School was built, a portion of which became the Elementary School in Church Hill. There a variety of different architectural styles exhibited by the homes in the community from modern, to Victorian to Colonial.

The Church Hill Theater is probably what the community is best known these days. This theater is located in a movie house that was converted during the 1930's. Repertory and local repertory players provide offer performances of classic theater such as children's plays, musicals, and Shakespearean plays. This is an additional attraction for those residents who also like to showcase the peaceful country environment in their community.

As the people of the community of Church Hill enter the 21st century, they can enjoy a unique opportunity to enjoy small town living and a rich historical past.

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