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Chestertown Locksmith has been providing timely, professional locksmith services in the the Chestertown area for more than 18 years. We provide emergency locksmith services in Chestertown and surrounding areas, as well as scheduled locksmith services. We provide commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services as well as automotive locksmith services. We replace lost or stolen keys, rekey locks, install locks, change locks and provide damage free safe openings. We cut keys on site at your location or at any of our storefront locations. High security and electronic access control systems are our specialty. Chestertown Locksmith also cuts laser type high security automotive keys and programs automotive transponder keys as well. Chestertown Locksmith is a member of the Allied Locksmiths of Maryland, an A+ Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau

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For emergency locksmith service in the Chestertown area, call (410) 758-8778 for timely, professional service. Our emergency locksmith services are scheduled on a first call, first served basis in Chestertown. We schedule your call for emergency locksmith services in Chestertown as a priority before scheduled locksmith service, and are happy to quote exactly what you should expect to pay for emergency locksmith services any time of day or night. We can open nearly any type of lock without any damage to the lock whatsoever. Your call will be answered by a technician with many years of locksmith experience who has knowledge in many different types of locking systems, including high security locks and electronic locks.

Some Interesting Chestertown Tidbits

Chestertown, Maryland is located in Kent County. According to the census that was taken in the year 2011, the population of Chestertown was 5,254 people. This population represents a 10.70% increase in the population of Chestertown since the year 2000.

In 1706, the Maryland Assembly charted Chestertown as a port of entry to the purpose of erecting communities, building ports, and to advance trade. Chestertown is located on the Chester River. A man named Simon Wilmer, who was the owner of one of the original grants of land, sold 100 acres. Chestertown is one of the oldest links to the outside world in Maryland and grew into a prosperous trading port. Chestertown, with its unique shops, Victorian, Federal, and Georgian homes, and brick sidewalks attracts tourists to enjoy its history. During the 1860's, the current Georgian style Courthouse was constructed.

During the years between 1735 and 1772, the Hynson-Ringgold House was constructed which is only one of the many architecturally and historically interesting buildings located in Chestertown. This famous house has an Antler Staircase that is believed to have been designed by a famous architect named William Buckland, who Thomas Ringgold hired. In 1769, another famous Georgian style house was constructed known as Wide Hall. A man named Thomas Smythe, who was an illustrious figure for the Revolutionary War and served on the Maryland Provisional Government and the Committee of Correspondence and was also was one of the wealthiest men in Kent County, was the builder.

Up until the middle 1700's, Chestertown was the center for the Episcopal affairs in Maryland. In 1768, the Emmanuel Episcopal Church was constructed and is known for being the location of the 1790 convention that split the Anglican Church of England away from the Episcopal Church in the US. The appearance of the church was changed to Victorian from Georgian during a renovation in the 1860. The plain windows were replaced with stained glass windows and the high backed pews were removed. In 1913, the Jane's United Methodist Church was constructed. Long prior to the Emancipation Proclamation in the 1840's it was the home of a black congregation.

Chestertown soon became a center for higher education, court, and government, in addition to being a center for trade. The tenth oldest Liberal Arts College in the US, known as Washington College is located in the community. Dating back to the 1640's, the court records for the county are the oldest in Maryland. A man who was suspected of rustling cattle was given a sentence of not being allowed to enter the woods unless he was with two honest neighbors was reported by the court during the 1650's.

These days, Chestertown is the center of most of the activities in the community that relate to the entire count as well as being the county seat. The community has a well preserved historic district for the enjoyment of both tourists and residents alike. Chestertown attracts tourists from around the US who enjoy participating in activities that range from touring older homes, to shopping, to golfing, to boating.

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